Earn up to $200 in bitcoins with a free roll of the dice

FreeBitco is a very popular bitcoin faucet that pays out every hour up to $200 in bitcoins.  The Faucet is fairly simple, all you have to do is enter captch and click the roll screenshot-by-nimbus (2)button.  Then every hour, you can roll the dice again. The lowest amount that you can win is per roll of the dice is approx 400 Satoshi.  There is a generous referral system that gives you 50% of value of the winnings of the individuals that you have referred to the site.

Register to Roll

A quick registration is required before you start where you enter your bitcoin address and a password to this site.  This is good for security reasons, but also the site sends you an email on sundays, when they have transferred your winnings to your bitcoin wallet.  As well, you can change your bitcoin wallet information that is registered with the site at anytime.

Multiply your winnings

In addition, to that the site offers a way to multiply you1411179187294screencapturer winnings for free.  You dont need to buy anything or send any coins to the site, if you loose your winnings, thats ok, you just simply wait till the next hour and roll the dice again to receive more bitcoins to play wait.

Need a Bitcoin Wallet?

Web Wallets: Web wallets are probably the most popular choice for beginners. You access them like you would any other website, meaning that you can use them from any device, anywhere in the world. Blockchain, Coinbase,BitGo, CoinJar, Coinpunk, Coinkite and Green Address.

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