Bitcoin Trader Review

1BITCOIN TRADER is an investment management company which launched at the end of 2013, and which offers two Bitcoin related investments to the general public.  The “about” section of the site describes the service as Bitcoin Trader was created by a group of Bitcoin geeks, with the vision to offer ordinary people the opportunity to earn a substantial and sustainable passive income.”

There are two different investment opportunities that are currently available through the website, in each case you can purchase shares with bitcoins which will be converted to USD when you deposit,  Your account will be monetised in USD until you withdraw, at which time you can withdraw in USD or bitcoins.

Trading Pool – From $20 per share

  • Earnings: Up to 3% every business day
  • Stop-loss order: Capped at 3% daily
  • Contract term: 120 Calendar days
  • Investment amount returned to you after 120 days
  • Price per share: $20
  • Maximum shares per account: 2500
  • Share repurchase: Yes, after expiration of term
  • Compounding: No
  • Risk level: Limited

Mining Pool – From $100 per share

  • Current earnings: 0.11% every calendar day
  • Earnings will be adjusted, according to Bitcoin mining difficulty factor
  • Contract term: 365 Calendar days
  • Investment amount is not returned after 365 days
  • Price per share: $100
  • Maximum shares per account: 500
  • Share repurchase: None
  • Compounding: No
  • Risk level: Virtually none

I have been using BitcoinTrader since 07/06/14 and have purchased a total of $1220 worth of shares investing in the trading pool ( i have not invested in the mining pool….yet).  Over that time I have re-purchased $160 worth of shares with my earnings, for a current total of $1380.  In that time period i have also withdrawn $69.69 worth of bitcoins successfully on two separate occasions.

My results using Bitcoin Trader:


Here are the actual daily trading results for July, Aug, Sept






Please NOTE: If you decide that you want to use the services of Bitcoin Trader please use the following referral link  BitcoinTrader to register.  




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