Cointellect FAQ

General questions:

Why use CoIntellect?

We are an innovative cloud mining company that is fast, secure and safe for use. CoIntellect provides hash rental services along with 24/7 support and pay-outs. We allow users to purchase hashing power and enable miners to contribute to a pool.

In addition, we make it easy for you to cash in the crypto-currency phenomenon.

How does the pool work?

The pool works by aggregating the hashing power of all the contributing miners. The hashing power is then directed towards cryptocurrency mining. Miners receive a payout proportionate to their contribution.

We provide two services which are one lucrative pool and the other being an afforable hash rental service. You can choose either one and then the more you contribute to the pool, the more you’re going to generate revenue.

Who Is Behind CoIntellect?

CoIntellect aims to merge our community values with the otherwise decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. We believe our calculated and intellectual approach to the industry will allow us and our users to succeed.

We are a team of 14 professionals with industry related experience in IT Architechture, Venture Funding and P2P Networks. We also possess strong knowledge of Crypto- Currency and are passionate about delivering a premium experience for our users.

Why use CoIntellect?

Our organization is located in the European country of Estonia, in a lovely business city of Tallinn.

How do you make profit with your business?

CoIntellect collects it commission primarily from service and trade fees.

Who Is Behind CoIntellect?

While our team has been following the cryptocurrency craze since 2011, the CoIntellect service launched just recently in June of 2014.

Why Do We Need You

Because we want to teach beginners on how to get started and ease you into the crypto- currency revolution. We are also passionate about you increasing your revenues and want to show you that you can do this through our company through a simple process. Due to the competitive nature of mining, solo mining simply isn’t an option for most people. Additionally, mining can be quite intimidating for those new to cryptocurrencies. CoIntellect aims to bridge this gap easily get started with crypto-currency mining.

What makes you different from bitcoin cloud hashing services?

We believe our communal approach to the mining sector is what separates us from the rest. We have a strong focus on the long term well-being of crypto-currencies efforts to re-invest our commission back into the industry.

In addition, we have an afilliate programme for members of CoIntellect which will be invited to take part in our affiliate programme. If you are a CoIntellect Member, this will give you 10 % of your referral spends.

Can you guarentee my success?

CoIntellect guarantees to provide a functional cloud hashing platform and a functional pool.

Contract earnings

To begin earning, users are invited to either start mining with their own equipment, purchase a mining contract, or refer users to our service.

Software related questions:

How does the software work?

CoIntellect’s advanced software works by harnessing the computational capacity of your graphics processing unit (GPU) and computer processing unit (CPU) for the purposes of hashing.

Where can I download the application?

You can download the application on our website at To access the download button, scroll until you see a green button that says, download application.

Where can I run the software?

The software can be run on all Windows compatible OS.

Do I need internet connection for the software to work?

Yes – internet connection is required for the software.

What is the average GPU load and is there any risk of overheating?

Mining software can be configured to utilize 100% of your GPU’s capabilities. Alternatively, your GPU load can also be lowered if you wish. With proper ventilation and functioning fans, overheating is not a risk for non-overclocked graphics cards.

How long should I run the software on my PC?

The software can be ran for however long you see fit.

How does my computer performance affect my earnings?

Computers with more efficient equipment will be able to provide more hashing power. Greater hashing power yields greater earnings.

How much can I earn as I solo miner with you?

Your earnings will depend on the amount of hashing power you are able to contribute to the pool. We suggest taking advantage of our calculator to estimate your daily earnings.

Earning Related Questions

How frequently is my account updated?

Accounts are updated on an hourly basis.

When are my earnings available for withdrawal?

When are my earnings available for withdrawal?

How frequently is my account updated?

Accounts are updated on an hourly basis.

How do I check my earnings statistics?

Earnings statistics can be found in the user dashboard.

How can I increase my revenue?

a. Increase personal hashing power
b. Purchase hashing contracts
c. Refer more users to the service

When are my affiliate commissions released?

Affiliate commissions are released every 14 days.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

Earnings can be withdrawn via the user dashboard.

Hash Power related questions

How is hash power measured?

The metric used to gauge hashing power is GHS – Gigahashes per second (also Gh/s).

Where do you get your hashing resources from?

Our hashing power is resourced from the contributors of CoIntellect’s pool.

How efficient is collective mining?

Pooled mining is generally considered to be very efficient because it allows for consistent and predictable payouts.

How do you measure your pool speed?

Pool speed is measured using the Gh/s (or Mh/s) metric

How is hash power converted to actual cash?

The product in crypto-currency mining is the block reward. The distributed block reward can then be exchanged by miners for cash.

What does block difficulty mean?

Block difficulty is a measure of how difficult it is to solve a given block. Block difficulty should be viewed as a dynamic number which depends on the amount of hashing power being used.

How many coins can the pool mine?

The pool’s capacity to mine coins will depend on the available hashing power

How much hash power is available?

The availability of hashing power will depend on how many miners are contributing to our service.

Which quotas are leased?

All available quotas can be leased

How long can I rent the mining hash power for?

The duration of the hash power will depend on the conditions of your contract. Assuming your funds permit, we allow our users to rent for any length of time they please.

How is mining power related to earnings?

A user with more greater hashing power will yield more earnings.

How do I lease hashing power from you?

Users will need to purchase a contract within their CoIntellect account. They can then simply use the cloud hashing platform to utilize the purchased power.

Financial Questions:

Can I earn for free?

Yes. Users can earn revenue by installing our mining software – Coin Miner. Besides that we have our affiliate program which is entirely free.

How much can I earn?

While there are no limits on how much a user can earn, their total earnings will depend on a number of factors including but not limited to: hashing power, network difficulty, cryptocurrency prices, and affiliate earnings.

Purchased contract earnings

A contract is an agreement between you and CoIntellect which details the conditions of your purchase. A contract will include details regarding the amount of purchased hashing power and the length of time for which you will receive access to it.

How many Contracts do you have?

We have seven contracts in total ranging from lowest to highest. These are in order, Virtual, Demo, Starter, Pilot, Basic, Premium and Expert. You will find details which include power, cost and duration of these on our website,

We have seven contracts in total ranging from lowest to highest. These are in order, Virtual, Demo, Starter, Pilot, Basic, Premium and Expert. You will find details which include power, cost and duration of these on our website,

The effectiveness of a cloud hashing service is determined primarily by the amount of members using it. A larger pool results in more hashing power and therefore more earnings.

When will my leased hashing power start to deliver results after payment?

Your assigned hashing power will begin mining immediately.

Can I cancel a contract?

Contracts cannot be cancelled.

How many contracts can I have?

Users can purchase one contract per day (assuming the hashing power is available)

How do I receive my earnings?

Earnings can be paid out via PayPal or your cryptocurrency of choice.

Is there any risk associated?

There are many inherent risks associated with cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency mining. We suggest reading the “Risk Warning” clause found in the Terms of Use agreement.

What kind of currencies do you use for payments?

Payment is currently accepted in EUR, USD.

Affiliate pending earnings

10% affiliate program

Our affiliate program encourages existing members to invite new users to the CoIntellect platform. To incentivize the process, affiliates are rewarded with a 10% commission.

How can I get people to join my program?

We advise seeking out friends, family, and other members of the cryptocurrency community which may be interested in our service.

Do you have any marketing strategies that I can use?

Under our affiliate page, you will find some banners which you may use.

How are my profits paid to me?

Commission will be added to your account’s affiliate earnings. These funds can then be spent or withdrawn via PayPal or cryptocurrency.

What are my affiliate commissions?

Your affiliate commissions are the combined total of your referred user’s solo-mined earnings and expenditures.

How do I know how many people have signed up using my link?

This information is available to you in your affiliate dashboard.

How can I contact people in my downline?

You can contact your referred users by sending them a direct message.

Do I earn commissions on solo mining earnings of my affiliates?

Yes. Affiliates earn a 10% commission on their referred user’s solo-mined earnings.

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