Indonesian Project Makes Bitcoin Available at 10,000 Stores

Jon Southurst (@southtopia) | Published on September 3, 2014 at 11:47 BST

Residents of Indonesia can now buy and receive bitcoin over the counter at over 10,000 ‘Indomaret’ convenience stores around the country.

The project was developed on the initiative of Bitcoin Indonesia and will run through its exchange in partnership with payment processor iPaymu.

According to Bitcoin Indonesia founder Oscar Darmawan, this now puts bitcoin within easier reach of the country’s large unbanked population, estimated at over 200 million.

According to the World Bank’s Financial Inclusion Data from 2011, only 20% of Indonesians aged 15 years or over have an account with a formal financial institution. Given that Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country with a population of 250 million, that is a huge number of people in need of a better payments network.

A system for the unbanked

Users of the service will first need to create an account with, then select ‘Top-up via Indomaret’. They are then provided with a code to take to their nearest Indomaret convenience store, along with some cash, before returning to their online account where they will find their bitcoin waiting.

To those living in a world of electronic bank transfers, this payment method may seem a little time consuming. However, it is not a lot different than a trip to a bitcoin ATM and, if the only method of making payments available to you is the cash in your hand, it may be the easiest onramp to bitcoin’s international network.

The only ‘catch’ with the system is that to use the convenience store option, customers currently must have Internet access to use the exchange. Darmawan indicated that another product is in the pipeline to enable those without even web resources to source the digital currency.

via Indonesian Project Makes Bitcoin Available at 10,000 Stores.

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