Financial Inclusion for Indonesia’s Micro Entrepreneurs

Help An Un-bankable Micro Entrepreneur

By providing a loan to a Micro Entrepreneur on MEKAR, you will be helping them grow their small business (e.g., street food cart, local batik shop, tofu maker). These Micro Entrepreneurs are unbankable, meaning they do not have the credit history or meet the requirements to receive a loan from a bank. You will be giving them access to working capital they would otherwise not have.

Earn 9% Interest

For every loan that you provide to a Micro Entrepreneur, you will earn 9% interest (flat) per year. You will receive repayments on the loan on a monthly basis for the entire period of the loan. The length (tenor) of the loans are 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

Be Worry-Free. It’s Safe.

We guarantee that you will get back 100% of the money that you lend to a Micro Entrepreneur on MEKAR.

How is this possible?

MEKAR works with a network of trusted partner Cooperatives and Multi-Finance Institutions who guarantee 100% principal repayment on behalf of the Micro Entrepreneur. These partners have been fully vetted by MEKAR’s rigorous due diligence process.

Trust Our Track Record:
0% Non-Performing Loan (NPL) Ratio

Each and every one of the loans provided by Lenders through MEKAR have been 100% repaid, on schedule, by the Micro Entrepreneurs. In other words, we have not had a single Micro Entrepreneur default on a loan (0% non-performing loan ratio).

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