The Man Behind Bitcoin’s ‘Satoshi Square’ Seeks His Next Adventure|PaymentsSource

BY BAILEY REUTZEL AUG 27, 2014 11:05am ET

To say Josh Rossi is outgoing would be an incredible understatement. The 32-year-old Bitcoin entrepreneur knows no one who isn’t a friend—or a potential business partner.

Rossi is best known for starting the first Satoshi Square, a gathering of Bitcoin enthusiasts who trade the virtual currency for cash in New York City’s Union Square.

Rossi started the in-person exchange in May 2013, just two months after the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (Fincen) issued guidance on virtual currencies, placing Bitcoin exchanges under the same rules governing money-transfer businesses.

In the hysteria that followed the regulatory guidance, many felt that these small local exchanges could stay out of trouble, in a “too small to fail” mindset, while preserving the digital currency’s decentralized ethos. While many in the Bitcoin community now see regulation as a way to legitimize the currency and push it mainstream, Satoshi Square remains a symbol of a more anarchist mentality. Quickly the concept branched out, with Satoshi Squares popping up all over the world.


The Man Behind Bitcoin’s ‘Satoshi Square’ Seeks His Next Adventure|PaymentsSource.



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