Vacancies: Data Scientist – for entrepreneurs, investors & crowd-funding

bidx seeks a Data Scientist that has a keen eye for data, but is also able to influence the engagement, conversion and retention on our web-platform

downloadbidx offers online Entrepreneur ‘Portals’ to intermediaries like banks, incubators, accelerators, funds,
chambers of commerce, accountants, lawyers, consultants, etc. The Portals offer services for entrepreneurs
seeking finance, advice and business contacts. The bidx system matches entrepreneurs with mentors for
advice, and with investors for finance and coaching. Also the SMEs are matched together to become each
other’s buyers and suppliers. These Portals are mainly used by entrepreneurs in emerging markets. They
are in local language and are branded to meet the preferences of the subscribing client. The powerful part
of is that all the portals are connected through a common database. In one country, many Portals,
once connected, become an online ecosystem for the country’s entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs applying to
one bank or incubator, become visible to the whole market. The entrepreneur selects the best offer. Bidx is
a startup company with 11 employees; by 2020 it aims to grow 5 businesses every day. Bidx has a sister
company in Indonesia and works closely with the BiD Network Foundation

Your profile:

  •  Data Scientist with a good understanding of online-marketing.

Your goal:

  • To improve the registration of new entrepreneurs, investors and mentors; and to improve the conversion and retention of these users.
  • To design a monitoring and analytics framework to for your tasks (below) and for clients to be able to monitor their Portal’s performance.

Your tasks:

  • To create a powerful data analysis environment connecting,, Google Analytics and Public datasets like AWS datasets,,, etc.;
  • Monitoring conversion and retention of Portal users on
  • Spot new data trends on a daily basis, and if relevant integrate it into our standard analytics reports;
  • Provide a monitoring dashboard environment for Portal moderators;
  • Supporting & training Portal moderators in conversion and retention
  • Recommend measures, like SEO, twitter campaigns, functionality changes, to improve conversion and retention.
  • Develop and document the monitoring procedures
  • Report on performance to the director


  • A higher education degree
  • Tool skills: Google Analytics; SQL, Excel; SEO; Social media analytics tools
  • Bonus tool skills: Pentaho,;;
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Fluent in English and one other language
  • Knowledge of BitCoins is preferred but not essential

For this position you will be stationed at the bidX office in Amsterdam. You will not be required to travel.
Looking forward to receiving your resume through our website and going over the position with you.

Please apply for the position before August 31st 2014.

Submit your letter and CV to

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