CenturyLink to host CoinTerra Bitcoin operation | Datacenter Dynamics

1 August 2014 by Nick Booth

Now runs 15% of world’s top crypto-currency

Bitcoin-mining ops will be hosted in CenturyLink facilities

Data center provider CenturyLink has clinched a multi-megawatt contract to host CoinTerra’s Bitcoin-mining operations.

Currently around 15% of the Bitcoin crypto-currency (a user-powered, peer-to-peer payment network) runs on CoinTerra hardware and software systems, which are now to be consolidated with CenturyLink.

Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and the lesser known CureCoin (also hosted by CoinTerra) are sustained by facilities that carry out complex computing calculations, which in turn consume large quantities of processing power, electricity and cooling.

CoinTerra’s growing Bitcoin mining operations are currently housed across multiple data centers, with additional locations scheduled to be brought online in the coming months.

As the operation expands, CoinTerra is seeking to consolidate its data centers.

Though CoinTerra originally sought a colocation provider with a strategy to purchase commodity power, it was persuaded to outsource operations to CenturyLink.

“Our data center operations and cooling systems can keep the infrastructure operating efficiently and that would provide a greater return on investment,” said CenturyLink’s general manager David Meredith.

“We make life easier for CoinTerra, allowing them to focus on what they do best – developing and operating Bitcoin-mining processors and systems.”

CoinTerra’s CureCoin, similar to Bitcoin, is a new type of ethical crypto-currency that aims to benefit humanity.

It replaces the technical computations used in mining Bitcoin with a concept known as protein folding, a procedure used by researchers at Stanford University to find cures for critical illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

The project is part of a large-scale distributed computing effort where everyday users can benefit from a worldwide study on protein folding research in the comfort of their homes.

“As the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to flourish, CoinTerra’s continuously expanding mining operations require reliable power and extremely high levels of availability to ensure peak performance,” said CoinTerra CEO Ravi Iyengar.
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via CenturyLink to host CoinTerra Bitcoin operation | Datacenter Dynamics.

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