Bitcoin Foundation Files Amicus Brief in Florida State Case | The Bitcoin Foundation

Bitcoin Foundation Files Amicus Brief in Florida State Case


Today, the foundation filbitcoin-foundationed an amicus brief in a Florida state criminal case tied to alleged bitcoin transactions.  In that case, an individual faces one count of being an unauthorized money transmitter under Florida state law and two counts of money laundering.

The charges against the individual were filed in March 2014, and it is the first known state criminal case involving the alleged buying and selling of bitcoins.  (Another defendant was arrested at the same time based on similar alleged conduct and has been separately charged.)  This case has received wide-spread media attention, such as from Bloomberg.

The foundation’s amicus brief supports the individual defendant’s motion to dismiss the count charging him with being an unauthorized money transmitter.

The foundation’s position at its core is this: state prosecutors are improperly applying Florida statutes regulating “money service businesses” to individuals conducting peer-to-peer sales of bitcoins.

Below are copies of the foundation’s amicus brief and its motion seeking court permission to file the brief.  Both of them are also posted on the website’s “Resources” section.

Amicus Brief – 7-31-14 (00072892)

Motion For Leave To File Amicus Brief – 7-31-14 (00072891)

The foundation was assisted in this matter on a pro bono basis by local Miami counsel Brian Bieber of GrayRobinson, P.A., and the foundation wishes to thank Mr. Bieber and his law firm for all of their indispensable help.

The foundation is committed to representing the interests of the Bitcoin community everywhere in the world, including in court proceedings.  Please send an email to if you know of a legal case that you think would interest the foundation.

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via Bitcoin Foundation Files Amicus Brief in Florida State Case | The Bitcoin Foundation.

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