Golden-Cows – Bitcoin Investing Game – Potential Ponzi Scheme


A user has indicated that they have requested payment twice and they never received payment (see comment Below).  For now I have removed the links in this post until someone can validate that this is not a PONZI scheme.

Golden-Cows, simple games for easy bitcoin mining.

Enjoy every 10 minutes!

How to play :

  • You get 1 free green cow when register
  • Each cow you have can produce milk
  • Store the milk on warehouse
  • Sell the milk for in-game money
  • trade the in-game money for hire more cow and redeem it with Bitcoin
  • Enjoy

Note:  Your cow still produce milk while offline, and never die

5765_03The game that allows you to earn easy money! System benefit of the game: 1.Buy cows , they’ll produce milk. 2.Milk accumulates in the warehouse, RECOVER. 3.Sell milk and earn money. 4.Gold can be for rent against the real money, or you can use to buy more cows, which will bring you more profits! start today. Golden-Cows is French (with English available) variations of investment games such as GoldenChase, GoldenBirds and many similar games.

100 Milk = 1 Gold ; 2000 Gold = 0.001 Btc


Game Benefits:

  • 30% Bonus for the first deposit
  • Instant Payments and Instant withdrawals
  • One Green Cow for each new member for FREE
  • Daily Bonus
  • Instant Payments from 0.002 Btc



Price of Cow :

  • Green
    • Productivity: 7 per hour
    • Cost: 100 Gold
  • Yellow

    • Productivity: 70 per hour
    • Cost: 1000 Gold
  • Brown
    • Productivity: 370 per hour
    • Cost: 5000 Gold
  • Blue
    • Productivity: 1920 per hour
    • Cost: 25000 Gold
  • Red
    • Productivity: 9650 per hour
    • Cost: 100000 Gold






  • 100 Milk = 1 gold (70% in-game gold and 30% withdrawal gold)
  • 2000 Withdrawal gold (minimum) = 1 (mBTC)
  • you can convert your withdrawal to in-game gold to buy more cow too



  • you can Invest some of your bitcoin too to speed up your production. 1 (mBTC.) = 0.001 BTC = 2000 Gold.
  • Bonus: A 30% bonus for the first investment


Enjoy every 10 minutes!

8 thoughts on “Golden-Cows – Bitcoin Investing Game – Potential Ponzi Scheme

  1. I was doing very well with Golden Cows, but it has been down for the past three days. Just wondering whether anyone else is having trouble pulling it up. Thanks Ray 8/26/14


  2. I tried requesting payment twice this month but both times it never came, I emailed them but got no response. I think this Ponzi has already crashed.


  3. Well, I am not sure what all of this means exactly; all I know is Wednesday, the yellow cows and brown cows were marked down to $100 per cow. I am going crazy with the cows I have been able to buy since then. The only notes they have are that the website is not going to stop and that there would be surprises coming up. Hopefully it is still okay.


  4. Well, the rules quickly changed over the last few days. The new prices for the cows and today gold was changed to 1000 bottles instead of 100. I was kinda okay, because I figured out that the yellow cow was the best buy for the gold, but with the change in the milk to gold, it’s going to slow down to a grind. I thought they said the changes were going to help us, not hurt us.


  5. I have noticed that you have not posted in quite a while. I was doing okay even with the new changes, but the website has now been down since October 9. It’s a shame. I was making about 50 cents a day. I started the chickens on day one. It seems to be put together by the same crowd. The website looks exactly like the cows. Just wondered whether you knew anything about it or not. Thanks for your post. Ray


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