Bitcoin Trader review

I have been using Bitcoin Trader for several weeks now and I have consistently been earning at least 1% per day.  Below is screen capture of a $20 contract share,  as you can see the share was purchased 07/06/14, and it has earned $2.34 in 22 days (today is 07/28/14).  I have since purchased several more shares and they are performing in a similar fashion.  The shares are set to 120 days at which point you will receive the value of the share back.


Bitcoin Trader ( was started in April 2013 to allow investors to earn residual income from either bitcoin trading or mining. Launched privately at first by invitation only, the company is now offering their managed services worldwide.

Investors can purchase shares in both the bitcoin Trading and Mining pools, and fund their account with bitcoin, BTC-e, Perfect Money, EgoPay, PexPay, OKPay or bank wire transfer.

Bitcoin Trading Pool

Bitcoin Trader is utilizing arbitrage situations to generate profits for their Trading Pool. Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of the price difference between two or more markets. For bitcoin trading, it means buying bitcoins on one market for immediate resale on another market in order to profit from the price disparity. This results in immediate, principally risk free profit. The price per share in the Trading Pool is $20, share contracts last for 120 days and the maximum number of shares that can be purchased per account is 2500.

Bitcoin Mining Pool

Bitcoin Trader offers a cost effective way to participate in their Mining Pool by purchasing mining shares. You are leasing a set amount of hashing power for each share for a 12-month period.

After this period, your shares expire and need to be renewed, if you would like to continue mining using their services. You can buy additional shares at any time, up to a maximum of 500 shares. The minimum investment in the Mining Pool is $100 for one share.

Currently Bitcoin Trader owns mining equipment with processing power of 10 Th/sec, enough to sell roughly 1700 shares. More mining equipment is on order and will be added in the near future.

Income Opportunities

You can buy shares in the Trading Pool for as little as $20, and for the Mining Pool the minimum investment is $100. Multiple ways to both fund your account and withdraw earnings are provided.

This chart from summarizes recent performance of both the Trading and Mining Pools:

Can These Returns Be Sustained Long Term?

In my experience with arbitrage across bitcoin exchanges, profits of 1% per day are reasonable. In this unregulated market, managed arbitrage is a lot less risky than playing with exchange rate volatility by trading on your own. Also, bitcoin mining by buying Mining Pool shares at Bitcoin Trader is more cost effective than other options like shares or getting on a waiting list to buy your own bitcoin miner. When you invest in Mining Pool shares at Bitcoin Trader you start earning returns immediately.

For anyone who wants to see sustainable returns over a long period of time, Bitcoin Trader might be for you.

Do I receive my initial share purchase amount back after the end of the term?

That depends on your chosen pool:

Trading Pool: Your share purchase amount will be returned after the 120 calendar day term.

Mining Pool: Your share purchase amount is factored into the daily earnings and will not be returned after the 365 calendar day term.


Communication between the Bitcoin Trader server and your computer are SSL encrypted by Comodo, and the server is protected against DDoS attacks by CloudFlare, one of the global leaders in their field.


Bitcoin Trader offers bitcoin enthusiasts a convenient way to earn income from either managed bitcoin trading or mining, with no investment in hardware.

If the Trading Pool shares continue to be as profitable as in the past few months, with a return of 1% per day, there could be a potential return of about 100% on shares bought in only four months and your principal is returned. With the mining pool also returning 1% a day at the end of a year you have doubled your investment also. Of course we will have to wait and see if future returns continue as in the past months.

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