Bittrex ‘Seriously Considering’ Dropping LTC Markets For BlackCoin

Bittrex ‘Seriously Considering’ Dropping LTC Markets For BlackCoin

by Ian DeMartino @ 2014-07-25 10:49 PM

The U.S. based exchange Bittrex is seriously considering dropping its Litecoin Markets in favor of BlackCoin, according to a press release put out by Blackcoin.

The deal isn’t finalized and is dependent on the BlackCoin community proving that there is enough liquidity in the coin to support said market. It seems the low level of liquidity for Poloniex’s new Monero market is one reason for that condition.

Reportedly, the BlackCoin developers had approached Bittrex with the possibility of an additional BlackCoin based market, but it was Bittrex’s idea to drop its Litecoin market in favor of BlackCoin. We have also been told that BlackCoin is dedicated to proving it has the liquidity, and has some large holders of BlackCoin ready to drop their coins onto the Bittrex market in order to help improve the liquidity.

According to the release put out by BlackCoin, the main reason Bittrex is looking to drop LTC in favor of BlackCoin is because of BlackCoin’s quicker confirmation times, which is important for high speed day trading of alt coins. The developer community was also cited as another reason for picking BlackCoin.

We reached out to Bittrex and they confirmed that they are in works with BlackCoin, stating “We are working with BlackCoin on the possibilty [sic] of adding them as a basemarket.  Blackcoin brings many advantages as a base currencies that BTC and LTC don’t have today.”


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via Bittrex ‘Seriously Considering’ Dropping LTC Markets For BlackCoin.

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