TNABC Day 1: Bitcoin Industry Seeks Plan of Attack for US Regulation

TNABC Day 1: Bitcoin Industry Seeks Plan of Attack for US Regulation

Pete Rizzo (@pete_rizzo_) | Published on July 20, 2014 at 00:20 BST


Day one of the North American Bitcoin Conference in Chicago kicked off with the surprise debut of the Chamber of Digital Commerce plus a new bitcoin-focused lobbying group that will seek to advocate for bitcoin in Washington – and it didn’t hold back from there.

Packing a diverse lineup of speakers and a loose community feel, the day saw no shortage of major announcements, including Blockchain’s release of its new Android wallet app and OKCoin’s announcement that it will soon offer USD deposits and withdrawals.

However, the most pervasive topic of the day was not any of these big moves by industry heavyweights or promising newcomers, but the fierce debate over New York’s proposed regulations for bitcoin businesses released this week.

Speaking to CoinDesk, TNABC organiser Moe Levin suggested that it was intentional for the conference to address regulation, saying:

“Regulation is one of those things where if it’s done wrong, it could handicap everything. It’s unfortunate that something can’t just bloom and blossom, but we need the smartest people in the room to educate and work on fostering innovation.”

Though the topic was discussed on several panels, it was perhaps the day’s final roundtable discussion – featuring prominent bitcoin lawyer Marco Santori, Bitcoin Foundation general counsel Patrick Murck and Texas Congressman Steve Stockman – that best illustrated the community’s outrage at many of the specific rules the proposal would enforce.

via TNABC Day 1: Bitcoin Industry Seeks Plan of Attack for US Regulation.

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