Bitcoin Potential Upend Legacy Payments System – Business Insider

Why Bitcoin Has Real Potential To Upend The Legacy Payments System


JUL. 18, 2014, 12:57 PM 1,053 1

Anatomy Of A Bitcoin Transaction

Bitcoin is most often discussed as a volatile digital currency. But where Bitcoin’s real value lies is as a payments technology that has the potential to revolutionize the legacy payments industry.

Bitcoin offers merchant a low-cost payments system, and consumers a virtually frictionless payments experience. Value can easily be transferred around the world without transmitting sensitive information that could be used for fraud, and without forcing merchants to pay extortionate transaction fees.

But, while the emergence of Bitcoin brings with it numerous advantages, it also faces incredible hurdles.

In  a recent report from BI Intelligence, we explain how Bitcoin works, from the moment when local currency is exchanged for bitcoins, to the moment when it reaches the electronic wallet of a receiving party. We look at the key advantages of Bitcoin compared to the legacy players in the payments industry and examine the challenges that Bitcoin faces as a payment network.

via Bitcoin Potential Upend Legacy Payments System – Business Insider.

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