Enter your wallet ID, fill out the captcha. You will see 2 displays of time (HH:MM:SS) one of the displays will show the time that you checked in, and the other will display a randomly generated set of numbers. Here is the payout table based on any of the following matches between the two time displays:


Play Interval:                 5 minutes​​
Payout Schedule:           Every Thursday
Min Payout Balance:     10,000 satoshi
Minimum Win:              15 satoshi
Maximum Win:              0.015 BTC


Matched Combination Win, Satoshi
Hours : Minutes : Seconds 1200000
** : Minutes : Seconds 9200
Hours : Minutes : ** 4600
Hours : ** : Seconds 4600
** : Minutes : ** 1242
** : ** : Seconds 1242
Hours : ** : ** 460

If you dont catch any of 3 you still get 15 satoshi for trying. The prize was changing pretty often lately, these are the latest winning possibilities:

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