Bitcoin Growing Up in Ireland

Bitcoin Growing Up in Ireland / S.T. Andrews / July 15, 2014

Bitcoin has suited up before, but at BitFin 2014, bitcoin doesn’t wear a tie.

Every bitcoin conference has a unique vibe. While Americans were barbecuing for freedom, Ireland’s bitcoiners were hosting a two day conference, BitFin 2014, and the vibe was…let’s get practical, lets get down to business, let’s get working.

Suits can be an anathema to bitcoin purists, but good developers know that the suits can be useful sometimes. What was interesting about BitFin was how suits were talking about bitcoin and other “crypto-ledgers” seriously, and how integration with the existing financial system is going to happen, it’s a just a matter of how and when.

This was not an invitation only conference, which allowed many curious newcomers to interact with Bitcoin luminaries, finance ministers, and industry leaders. The attendance was less than expected, but it provided for a more intimate Q&A.

After attending numerous conferences this past year, BitFin sets a standard. The speakers list was impressive. Notable speakers included Max Keiser of The Keiser Report, Nicholas Carey of, Bobby Lee CEO of BTC China, and Michael Terpin, CEO and founder of the bitangels. The panel moderators facilitated robust discussion, scheduled coffee breaks provided enough time for networking opportunities, and the “Dublin distributed dining” and social event gave all the attendees a taste of Dublin, and a chance to continue the discussion late into the night, pints in hand.

BitFin offered a glimpse into the talent in Ireland:


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