Review of PBMining

PBMining is the cheapest way to buy cloud mining services.  All contracts are for 5 years and can be purchased using BTC.  Currently, you can buy contracts for .003 BTC per GH/s.  As the difficulty level increases PBmining decreases the cost of buy new contracts.  Pay outs occur every Sunday

I have been using PBmining for several months and have had no issues and lives up to its claims.  All Bitcoin mining contracts are 100% insured meaning customers still get paid if the company’s Bitcoin mining hardware malfunctions and include 24/7 live chat support. Additionally, there are no electricity or Bitcoin mining pool fees.


  • The cheapest way to buy GH/s
  • Payouts every Sunday
  • Live dashboard
  • Support is good and responsive
  • No fees


  • buying a contract is not instant, it can take up to 12 hours after you buy a contract for it to become acti

Donations are welcomed and appreciated: 1G8X7ses93a5pUzydzGqmYDbbn6oi5TjST

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